Social Media Guidelines

At Swixx Biopharma we are committed to respecting the highest ethical standards in developing and maintaining long-term partnerships with health care community, patient associations, our Partners and all other stakeholders we collaborate with. Therefore, we also pay special attention to our social media accounts, managed by our Public Affairs team.

Although our social media channels provide a very important two-way communication opportunity for us and our stakeholders, they are not intended for promoting our product portfolio or discussing product-related matters, conditions, treatments, adverse events, or side effects. Their sole purpose is communication and interaction on important and interesting news, and stories about our company or employees, content relevant for physicians, patients or caregivers, as well as our impact on the communities in which we operate.

As a good corporate citizen, we are dedicated to complying with the following guidelines and we kindly ask you to do the same when engaging with us.


Besides data about our company on our social channels, we will not be commenting on legal, finance, regulatory issues, or proprietary information. Such inquiries should be directed to our general email address:

As appropriate, we will be providing links to independent third-party sites not maintained by us. However, Swixx BioPharma will not be responsible and has no control over the content posted on these sites/social media accounts and disclaims any opinions expressed there. In addition, we do not endorse these sites or the information they contain.


Where our social media allows public commenting, we do not endorse visitor comments, nor are we responsible for any opinions, content, or advice shared by our visitors.

As our channels are intended to enable engagement and two-way communication, we will try to respond to your questions as soon as possible. However, taking into consideration the limitations of social media and the regulated pharmaceutical industry environment, our replies may be concise. Whenever possible we will include information on sources where you will be able to access additional supporting data.

Although well-intended, any medical advice containing comments may potentially have serious consequences when not provided by a qualified healthcare professional with full knowledge of a patient's medical history. In such circumstances, we always advise you to contact your physician.

When commenting on Swixx BioPharma social channels, we kindly ask you to be respectful and considerate; avoid sharing fraudulent, personally identifying, or confidential content. Any comments containing foul language; disparaging, defamatory, violent, offensive, or inflammatory will be deleted.

Other circumstances in which we will permanently remove comments posted by our visitors are the following:

  • Any product related comments beyond the name of the products we represent or services we provide, will be removed, in line with the applicable regulations.
  • Comments and posts on adverse reactions will be removed to protect your and/or impacted person’s privacy. However, in that case, our Pharmacovigilance team may follow up with you to ask for more information in order to report the event in line with the applicable regulations.
  • All comments unrelated to the original post, promotional in nature or irrelevant, will be treated as spam and will be permanently deleted.

Contact Information

When you have a specific comment or question related to our services, please submit the question via our general email address:

If you are a physician and wish to learn more about the products we represent, please contact a Swixx representative in your country. If you are a patient and wish to learn more about the products we represent, please consult your physician.

In case you would like to report an adverse event or side effect relating the products we represent, please follow the adverse events reporting procedure in your country.

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, immediately contact your physician or seek local emergency assistance.

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